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My Wealth Is Your Knowledge.

I was invited to participate in OFFERINGS, a collaborative, performance based artwork by France Trépanier.


You can find out more about her project here.



"For the people who practice the Potlatch, wealth is something one accumulated to give away. This is in stark contrast to how western society views wealth. Where we collect in order to display our wealth, the people who practice the potlatch consider their act of giving as their wealth. The symbolic representation of wealth for some Northwest Coastal peoples was simply called a Copper. Frequently, Chiefs would prove their wealth by offering pieces of their coppers to others.


At a potlatch, everyone invited leaves with an offering. I recognize these 136 pennies as a wealth of hidden knowledge as per the years of the Indian Act. In this offering, I give you thanks for attending these events and ask that you respect and understand the breadth of Canada’s history."