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A general term in video gaming, 1UP is an item or achievement that grants the player an extra life, extending the game play and allowing the player to achieve a higher score and a greater likelihood of completing the game. 1UP is a nostalgic nod to my childhood. I'd spend hours locked away in my room, or a cousin's basement, playing Sonic The Hedgehog, WonderBoy or Altered Beast. I'd hoard quarters, normally spent in the arcade, and raid my grandfather's change dish just to get the latest 8-bit or 16-bit games, wrapped in the iconic Sega grid packaging.


1UP got its start as an ephemeral, projected video mural. The bold and colourful visuals were stark against the wintery grey of the steadily transforming landscape of one of BC fastest growing cities, Surrey. 1UP offered a brief respite from the daily Skytrain commute or activities at the Chuck Bailey Centre, giving the viewer pause to embrace the beauty and subtile flow of water, only to be caught up in the ebb and flow of contemplation.


This piece draws upon the theories and explorations within my larger body of work. Addressing my thoughts on decolonization, the large foreground shape invokes notions of graffiti, "tagging" the colonial landscape to become a metaphor to speak to the resurgence for Indigenous rights and title.




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