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Hi folks, update part two! I've continued my update fest.

Updates to Artist Statements.
- Speculator Boom
- The Paradise Syndrome
- 1UP
- Welcoming Those They Did Not Want
- The Value of What Goes on Top/The Value of What Goes Within
- Inherent
- Leila's Desk

And I added specific artist statements to some of the works from Interventions on the Imaginary.

Updates to Projects
- Welcoming Those They Did Not Want
- Gone Copper!
- 2UP
- 1UP
- Arcade Cabinets (this title will change)

And I removed Live from the 'Latch from Billy and the Chiefs and made it's own gallery.

I've added an Exhibitions as a category with Ready Player Two and We Come to Witness

I move Indians In Space to "Research" Project.

I added the video 1UP

And my CV has been updated.