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CV and contact Page updated.

Hi folks, update part two! I've continued my update fest.

Updates to Artist Statements.
- Speculator Boom
- The Paradise Syndrome
- 1UP
- Welcoming Those They Did Not Want
- The Value of What Goes on Top/The Value of What Goes Within
- Inherent
- Leila's Desk

And I added specific artist statements to some of the works from Interventions on the Imaginary.

Updates to Projects
- Welcoming Those They Did Not Want
- Gone Copper!
- 2UP
- 1UP
- Arcade Cabinets (this title will change)

And I removed Live from the 'Latch from Billy and the Chiefs and made it's own gallery.

I've added an Exhibitions as a category with Ready Player Two and We Come to Witness

I move Indians In Space to "Research" Project.

I added the video 1UP

And my CV has been updated.

Hi folks, I've finally gotten around to uploading some new and old works. Finally, Leila's Desk and Inherent are up!


I've added new images to The Paradise Syndrome.


I've added the latest project, The Speculator Boom, to Projects. The Speculator Boom series is made up of two different bodies of work. One, a painting series, the second a collage and painting series. 


I've added a "Publications" category, which features my new book, Sonny Assu: A Selective History.